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Production of multiplicative material

Company produces plantlets using either traditional or more advanced vegetative propagation methods and techniques (cuttings, suckers, tissue culture) which take place in greenhouse and, in the future, in micropropagation laboratory. This primary material (cuttings, suckers, explants), from which the new plantlets are created, is taken from in-house stock nurseries which have been respectively created by plant species that permanently located in Taygetus areas; their natural growth environment

Contracting farming

From the moment that the prospective farmer expresses a strong interest for cooperation with the company, all preparatory steps are followed (historical data of the field and area, soil and water analysis, etc.), so that soil will be ready for the plantlets installation. Then company proceed to jointly sign a Private Agreement, where all terms and conditions of cooperation will be mentioned in detail. Under the Private Agreement, agricultural consulting support is provided to farmers in order to better exploit the potentials of their field and have a better yield. Farmers receive their multiplicative material from the company and herb cultivation begins.

Drying process

Once raw material has received from farmers, following the procedure that is fully aligned with the terms and conditions of Private Agreement, company can proceed to naturally dry this material of herbs in specially customized place for that purpose. After approximately 2 weeks, dried herbs are ready for further processing and standardization.

Processing and standardization

Following strict standardization procedures and in conjunction with modern processing and packaging machineries, company produces final product ready to market and sell in wholesale distribution networks.


Greek Oregano


Greek Sage



  • August 2016

    Messinian Hub Foundation

    Messinian Hub-herbal products & more was founded in 2016 and constitutes an attempt of two young people, Vasilis Nikas and Nikos Kadoglou, who wanted to stand out in the field of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs).

  • September 2016


    Company's facilities are located at the prefecture of Messinia and specifically at Analipsi, a region of municipality of Messini. Facilities include warehouse of herbs maintenance, processing machineries and equipment for the propagation of herbs in a 3-acre greenhouse and, in the future, a micropropagation laboratory

  • October 2016

    Raw Materials

    Company aims to use high quality raw materials from Taygetus, which will be standardized either as multiplicative material (plantlets) or dried herbs. Oregano, sage, thyme, savory and mountain tea are the species that will be initially propagated

  • October 2016


    Company is currently proceeded with a pilot propagation of multiplicative material for the above species in company’s greenhouse, as well as with a pilot micropropagation of multiplicative material, as minimum viable product (MVP), in cooperation with the micropropagation laboratory of Greek Agricultural Organization “Demeter”.

  • November 2016

    Skywalker Awards

    Company won the "Silver Sustainability Award" and the "Silver Innovation Award" in Startup Entrepreneurship Festival organized by Skywalker in November 2016, at the HELEXPO Exhibition Centre, Marousi

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Our Team

Meet the amazing team of Messinian Hub.

Vasilis Nikas

CEO & Co-founder
MSc Project Management
BA Business Administration

Nikos Kadoglou

COO & Co-Founder
MSc Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Biometry
BA Crop Science

Maria Kalogirou

Supervisor of micropropagation laboratory
PhD in Postharvest Technology
BA Agricultural Biotechnology

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